Talks and Articles

I offer talks and articles focused on climate change and sustainable outdoor sport.

Talks and articles can cover multiple topics: What is the science behind climate change? What are the current and future consequences for humans and the planet? Which personal actions can we take to reduce our carbon footprint? How can we live more sustainable while doing our favourite sports?

The focus depends on the audience and can be adapted individually.


I offer workshops focused on climate knowdlege and sustainable outdoor sports. Workshops provide incentives and possible solutions for living a sustainable mountain sport. The focus depends on the audience and can be adapted individually.

Climate education for schools

I offer climate education for schools focusing on the background and implications of climate change and personal insights into climate change research.

Sustainable climbing courses

I offer sustainable climbing courses in the form of day trips, weekends or week-long trips. The courses are for beginners as well as advanced climbers and are accompanied by a climbing instructor. We experience together, how climate-friendly climbing by train and bicycle can be implemented.

Talks and courses can be both in English and German.

Due to the covid situation, all events can also be held online.

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