Sustainable Climbing Guidebook

Together with my friend Deniz Scheerer I am currently working on a Sustainable Climbing Guidebook for Innsbruck and the surrounding area that will be released in spring 2022. The Guidebook is for climbers that want to get to the crags by public transport, bike, or on foot. As the guidebook will be available for free, find out how you can support us to make this dream come true:

If you want to support us in diversifying our Guidebook, send us your best climbing picture from the below listed climbing areas to my email address.

If you like to support us financially, find out more about the guidebook below and contact me if you have any questions.

Sustainable Sport Climbing in Innsbruck and Surroundings


In order to facilitate the planning of a sustainable approach to the climbing areas in Innsbruck and the surrounding area, the guidebook includes 20 climbing areas that can be reached from Innsbruck by bus, train, bike, and on foot. Categorisations like geographical location, journey time, means of transport, difficulty of the routes, and family friendliness are intended to show readers their options in the shortest possible time. With the help of an integrated QR code, readers are directed to the detailed route descriptions on the website In addition, the sustainable climbing guide contains information on sustainable mobility and environmentally friendly climbing.

  • Create incentives for sustainable travel by presenting the journey time and itinerary planning and thus strengthen sustainable mobility in climbing sports
  • Traffic reduction of the main roads for climbing
  • Raising awareness of the issues of sustainability in mountain sports and climbing
Climbing Areas
  • Martinswand
  • Steinbruch
  • Ehnbachklamm
  • Locherboden
  • Morsbach
  • Geisterschmiedwand
  • Ötz
  • Mötz
  • Sautens
  • Englswand
  • Simmering
  • Haiming
  • Armelen
  • Chinamauer
  • Mauerogen
  • Sonnenplatten
  • Flämenwandl
  • Nassereith
  • Götterwandl
  • Karres

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