Bouldering trip to Chironico by public transport

The beautiful forest of Chironico in Ticino is well known for its fantastic bouldering opportunities. Over easter, I travelled from Innsbruck to Chironico by public transport to spend a few days there for bouldering with my friend Theresa. You can find the journey description here, I can highly recommend it!

How to get there

From Innsbruck you travel to Zürich by train. From here, there are two options: you either take the train to Bellinzona and then to Lavorgo, or you take the train directly to Lavorgo. The latter option is more expensive but faster and easier.

From the train station at Lavorgo, a bus leaves to Chironico. In Chironico, you can either get off the bus at the stop at the parking space (‘Chironico boulder area’), or you get off the bus in the town center (‘Chironico Paese’).

Where to stay

We stayed in the town Chironico in an Airbnb. From here you can walk to the boulder areas within 5-30 minutes. You also find a small grocery shop and a restaurant in the town.

How to book the trip

I can recommend early booking, as budget prices can make the travel from Innsbruck to Bellinzona really cheap. Tickets can be booked via ÖBB. For the train routes in Switzerland you need to book the ticket via the SBB. Bus tickets can be bought via the SBB or directly from the bus driver. Depending on the train route and the booking date, the whole trip one way costs around 45€ – 115€ and takes between 7 and 9 hours.

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